„Live and stay in harmony with nature“

In the 1st of January 2005, Christian Gasteiger took over the furniture & joinery from his father. In the 42 years of the existence of the company, he made a name through individual planning and expert consulting. In 1977, Emil Gasteiger opened the joinery as a one man business. Sales as well as production lay in his hands. In 1986 the showroom was transferred from Oktober Street to Milesi-Street 4. Today, the family establishment has 6 employees.
To keep up with the rising requirement regarding form, functionality and quality in the future, the production area was successfully modernized over the past few years.

Our furniture are created using high quality materials. Specially manufactured and exclusive articles of furniture provide pleasure for our clients for a long period of time.

Moreover, our products on offer are purchasable by all! There is a product „for every wallet“. Handmade quality and high quality materials characterize every piece, regardless if it is for living or bedroom furniture, exclusive upholstered furniture, customized kitchens or windows and doors, if you consider new parquet or laminate flooring or a curtain that should be exchanged.

Together with the clients, we will reach a solution, with quality pertaining to the finest detail. Individual customer requirements will be brought into reality. The wonderful material wood and our dedicated team will make it possible.