Relaxed sleeping – heavenly dreaming

With the stress of everyday life, in this day and age, the requirement for regeneration and relaxation is large. Recreative sleep is the most important condition for longevity. Therefore, we offer high quality products, that conform to the high demands of natural resources, as well as ergonomics and othopaedics.

We are able to, with our wide assortment, offer the optimal product for every requirement.

When we discuss a healthy lifestyle, most people only speak about sufficient movement, a balanced diet and less stress. Healthy sleep is one of the most important conditions for our physical and mental wellbeing and for this reason, for a more healthy lifestyle.

Beds of swiss stone pine
The queen of the Alps! The benefits of a swiss stone pine bed:
• Calm sleep – clearly, a lower heart beat when sleeping in a swiss stone pine bed
• Positive effect on carrying capacity, as well as the recuperativeness of the people
• For the allergic person: the antibacterial effects of the swiss stone pine bed
• Healthy protective effect against moths and insects
Wood beds
Today we know that mobile phones, TVs, radio traffic disturb the natural magnetic fields. During the day we cannot escape these pollutants, because different radiations are bundled through structures/ parts of metal. This is a good reason to choose natural solid wood furniture. Therefore, at night, we should, for the sake of our health, sleep free of metal.
An ecologically compatible bed of solid wood creates a comfortable indoor temperature in the bedroom. Our solid wood furniture is made of natural finish wood and is free of solvents and bonding instruments. A bed of solid wood is more environmentally friendly in production, because we do not use glue or vanish. So, you do not only conserve the enviroment, but also protect yourself. For people with an allergy, our solid wooden beds are the optimal solution. Such a bar bed takes care of your health and calmative sleep.
Relax 2000
The Relax 2000 bed system with the three dimensional spring bellows is available in swiss stone pine for added relaxation. These kinds of wood encourage more relaxation. Our swiss stone pine beds assist with recuperativeness and does not cause pollution. All bed systems are solid wood, 100% natural and on demand, free of metal.
With the Relaxbed systems you sleep better, healthier and it improves your wellbeing. The bed systems and the metal free beds of solid wood are produced using mild resources in accordance with nature. However, not only the ecological bed, but also in every other sector! The production of latex for our latex mattresses is reknowned for its naturalness and sustainability.
The mattress is the second most important part of your bed. The spring bellow guarantees distinctive assistance for the body. The mattress makes the bed comfortable and soft. Our mattresses are characterized by their light weight and natural cleanness.
Different accessories in high quality, made of natural raw material.
Innovative slated frame with perfectly aligned lying area.